Turtle Snorkeling Tour

Irabujima Marine Center

Features of Turtle snorkeling

Fun to found

The venue for the tour at Shigira beach, is the habitat for sea turtles on the western sand. There are no promises to see them can be found because they are wild the sea turtle, so searching for sea turtles with the instructor has become a big pleasure for this tour.

Fun to discover

People who do not know anything about sea turtles and those who meet sea turtles with knowledge about sea turtles will have a different way of enjoying them. It is really fun to discover by yourself, "This child is ◯◯ so it is a green turtle." Even after going up from the ocean, it was awesome with sea turtle talks with friends and family.

The IMC the sea turtle tour, begins after receiving instructor will tell you about them.

Fun to corals and sea creatures

The east side of Shigira Beach, the venue for the tour, is an oasis of coral reefs and fishes like Miyakojima's original sea. After searching for a sea turtle, I will go out to observe coral reef creatures. Fish are living comfortably, so let us observe relaxedly

Happy family price

There is a child charge setting that is happy to participate in the family. 


Elementary school student: half price

※ Please participate with parents. Parents should not leave their children.

Towel and cold drink

One bath towel and drink are prepared for one person. We also have fresh water to off the body's salt.

Friendly and bright staffs

The staff who likes the aquarium and has been growing up as a diver since she was high school student, the staff of a naive mastery nurse and the staff of the Irabujima Marine Center are all well-energetic and bright staff. An enjoyable tour will be more fun. Of course, all PADI instructors.


Check your instructors 

Flow of Turtle snorkeling

1, Let's start


It's time to begin.

2, About sea turtles


Which sea turtles can we see today?

if you knew about them, it will be more fun when you can see them.

So, please listen to your instructor, they will give you some fun information about them.

3, Entry


After hering and know about sea turtle, let's go to see them.

Let's learn how to use your fins, mask, snorkel and other things from your instructor.

4, Let's go!


Let's swim. Useing your fins well and find sea turtles.

5, Fount them


Sometimes you can find them soon, but sometimes you have to find them long time. It depends on your luck. But I think you can find them if we can look for it with everyone.

6, Many corals are living


You can see other sea creatures live in coral reef. What a beautiful they are?Please watch your finds, Don't kick them off.

After adventure, you can change your clothese then it finish.

Thank you for coming, see you again!

Details of Turtle snorkeling


  • March ~ December


  • Morning tour  9am - 11am 
  • Afternoon tour 1pm - 3pm 

Participation fee

  • 7,000yen(tax not included)
  • Cash, Credit card (VISA、Master、Amex)

The meeting place (able to pick-up)

  • Meet at the vanue Shigira Beach parking  Map from here
  • Shuttle area We will inform you about the time of pick-up within Irabujima and Hirara city area

Participation condition


  • Elementary school age and aver
  • Minors must have parental permission (accompanied by parents under 15 years old)


  • We will check your medical history on that day. Depending on the content, you may not be able to participate on the day, so please check the contents of the medical history in advance.
  • Participation may be refused when judging that there is an influence of alcohol or drugs.

Belongings and clothes


  • Participation fee
  • Clothes
  • Sipness stopper(if you need)


  • Please wear your swim wear.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation within one week .... 20% of the participation fee
  • Cancellation the day before ................... 50% of the participation fee
  • Cancellation on the day ................... 100% of the participation fee
  • Not participating .................................. 100% of the participation fee

※ If you can not participate in snorkeling on the day due to seasickness, poor physical condition etc. There is no refund or reduction, so please take sufficient physical condition management.

※ Because refunds and reductions can not be made when the destination changes to an alternative place due to sea conditions, please understand in advance.

Drinking, Losing sleep, Cold

  • Don't drink too much alcohol before the day.
  • Take a good sleep
  • Turn off or weak air conditioner when you sleep.


Even if there is always no problem, please be especially careful about the above 3 points, as it may make it easier to get seasick in your life in Miyako island.

The risk of snorkeling tour


Unlike on land, underwater is difficult to detect symptoms caused by sickness or injury, as well as response after discovery. Also, there is not enough research on how special environments such as underwater will affect injuries and diseases.

  • Please confirm your medical history and participate in health condition.

The weather

  • Tours may be canceled due to sea conditions.
  • If there is no problem with the sea condition, the tour will be held even in rainy weather.


  • Joined accident insurance for participants
  • Joined the liability insurance covered by the manager

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