Taiken Scuba Diving Tour in Miyako island

Irabu-jima Marine Center

Feature of Taiken scuba diving in Miyako-jima island

Complete Charter System

The experience diving of the Irabu-jima Marine Center is a "complete charter system". Even a beginner customer can enjoy Taiken (experience) diving without worrying about other customers.

Dive at Miracle Beach

The beach at which we dive has the most beautiful corals in Miyako-jima island. It is easy to adjust the depth, if you can not relieve ear pressure well, and you can enjoy the miraculous beach when you can see surprisingly many corals and fish. It is a wonderful beach diving experience recommended for all customers.

About Nakano-shima beach

Free Time while your Taiken Scuba Diving

The sea creatures in nature are always hungry. Because they are living thing, they will search for a lover. If their body is dirty, they will have another fish clean them. A fish that raises seaweed they can eat themselves. The Taiken (experience) scuba diving at the Irabu-jima Marine Center allows for you to take free time and you can observe the fish in their natural habitat.

Full Face Mask is Original Equipped


We have a full face mask that is gaining popularity as standard equipment. Almost all customers used it in 2018 because of the sense of security they have when the mask covers the entire face, it gives you the ability to talk and it's easy to do ear extractions..


"What should I do if the water enters the mask?" "What should I do if the regulator goes out of the mouth?" If you use a full face mask you do not need such worry. Let's just think about enjoying underwater.


Click here for full face mask details

Free underwater camera rental

Let 's photograph your most fun memories while enjoying the Taiken (experience) dive. Photos of friends "Nemo"(clown fish) and the clouds from underwater are great for memories. I'm the Taiken (experience) diving at the Irabu-jima Marine Center, we rent one underwater camera par group.

※ Please prepare one SD card in a group.

Clean Facilities and Shower Room

For Taiken (experience) diving starting from the marine center, you can use the shower room in the center after the experience diving is over. The women's shower room is equipped with a hairdryer, a ladies private rest room and air conditioning.

Please refresh in the shower room and enjoy the continuation of Miyako-jima trip.


Information on facilities

Friendly and bright staffs

The staff who likes the aquarium and has been growing up as a diver since she was high school student, the staff of a naive mastery nurse and the staff of the Irabu-jima Marine Center are all well-energetic and bright staff. An enjoyable tour will be more fun. Of course, all PADI instructors.


Check your instructors

Flow of Taiken scuba diving in Miyako island.

1, Arrive

After  cross the Irabu-ohashi Bridge from Miyako-jima island, turn left and it takes 5 minutes . there is Irabu-jima Marine Center along the road. There are 5 parking lots.

2, Reception

When entering the facility by the staff's guide, I will accept the application immediately and fill in the document.

3, Facility description

We will introduce about restroom, shower room, rocker room and other facilities. Please put your valuables in your car and give the staff a key.

4, Diving instruction

Listen to the basic precautions of diving and how to enjoy the ocean going out from now and receive explanations of the equipment you will use .

Please give your SD card to your staff at this time.

5, Leave

After wearing wet suit, we'll leave.

6, Arrive to the dive point

Less than 10 minutes, we will arrive at the diving point. Get ready to dive with your equipment.

7, Entry

It's beach entry. it has sense of safety because we enter by walk.

8, Practice

Practice how to breath and swim at the depths of your feet.

9, Discover dive!

Let 's have fun at Nakano-shima beach in Miyako-jima island. Please enjoy the landscape that you can watch the fish from the side, look up at the sun from underwater, snorkeling can not do.

10, Time to finish

After diving, off the salt with fresh water and moisten your throat with a drink. I am leaving for the facility.

11, Take a shower

You can go back to the Marine center and take a warm shower.  You can even go out to Miyako-jima after the tour.

12, Thank you for coming

How was your Taiken (experience) diving at Nakano-shima beach? Please come here to see sea creatures again. Thank you for coming today.

Details of Taiken scuba diving in Miyako island


  • Whole year


  • Morning tour  8:30 am - 11:30 am
  • Afternoon tour 13:00 pm - 4:00 pm

※If you want to change start time, Please feel free to contact us.

※It is not possible to participate in the flight boarding day.

Participation fee

  • 13,000yen(without tax)
  • Cash, Credit card (VISA、Master、Amex)

Meeting place

※ If you want to boat dive, departure place depends on sea condition, so we will contact you in the evening of the previous day.

Participation condition


  • Hight school age and over
  • Minors must have parental permission (accompanied by parents under 15 years old)


  • We will check your medical history on that day. Depending on the content, you may not be able to participate on the day, so please check the contents of the medical history in advance.
  • Participation may be refused when judging that there is an influence of alcohol or drugs.

Belongings and clothes


  • Participation fee
  • SD card
  • Clothes 
  • Shipness stopper(if you want to boat dive, you must have it)


  • Please wear your swim wear

Cancellation Policy


  • Cancellation within one week .... 20% of the participation fee
  • Cancellation the day before ................... 50% of the participation fee
  • Cancellation on the day ................... 100% of the participation fee
  • Not participating .................................. 100% of the participation fee

※We will not be able to refund or reduce the amount when we can not participate in the discover diving on the day due to seasickness, poor physical condition, etc. Please take good physical condition management.

Drinking, Losing sleep, Cold

  • Don't too much drink alcohol on the previous day.
  • Take a good sleep
  • Turn off or weak air conditioner when you sleep.


Even if there is no problem, please be especially careful about the above three points, as it makes difficult for relieving ear pressure and seasickness easily in Miyako-jima island.

About boat Taiken scuba diving

If you want to try boat Taiken (experience) dive, we can take you to adventure.

  •  This Taiken (experience) diving is carried out in Miyako-jima / Ibaraba-jima / Shimoji-jima area, but it is Susceptible to the influence of waves, you can not specify points.
  • It may become a ship with snorkeling customers.
  • We will inform you about sea condition and departure place etc on the evening before the opening day.


※ You can also charter the boat. The cost is "Taiken scuba Diving Fee + Charter Fee (half day 45,000 yen)".

The risk of discover scuba diving

Flight boarding day is not allowed

You can not participate in the flight boarding day.
Diving at the boarding day will increase the risk of developing decompression disorder, even for Taiken (experience) diving with shallow water depth.


Unlike on land, underwater is difficult to detect symptoms caused by sickness or injury, as well as response after discovery. Also, there is not enough research on how special environments such as underwater will affect injuries and diseases. There is no risk that the respiratory apparatus will come out of the mouth when using a full face mask, but after confirming the medical issues, please attend the tour with full attention to health.


For customers who wish to have general equipment, participate in the tour after practicing "mask clear" and "regulator clear". Be warned, something will happen and let's hurry, sometimes you can not apply the practiced skills. The important key to preventing panic is "to repeat practice" and "to move slowly". For a user who get nervous easily, please use a full face mask whose breathing apparatus can not come off the mouth.

The weather

  • Tours may be canceled due to sea conditions.
  • If there is no problem with the sea condition, the tour will be held even in rainy weather.


  • Joined accident insurance for participants
  • Joined the liability insurance covered by the manager

Photos by Taiken scuba divers !

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