Skin diver course

Skin Diving Skinving diving is diving that does not use a scuba but divides with just a breath. 

What is Skin diving?

Skindiving diving is diving with only mask, snorkel, and fins. It is similar to snorkeling, but at PADI it is snorkeling what mainly works at the surface of the water, and what mainly becomes underwater activities is called skin diving. Despite being able to get closer to sea creatures more than snorkeling, also it's easier than the scuba are the reason of popularity.

Don't need snorkeling vest
Both snorkeling and skin diving enjoy on almost the same equipment, but the buoyancy equipment used on the water surface is different. Snorkeling wears snorkeling vests to ensure that they float on the surface of the water. This vest is made of styrofoam etc. as a base, and it is a structure that keeps constant buoyancy at all times. For skin diving, instead of snorkeling vests, wear a wet suit + weight (get buoyancy by throwing out the weight at the time of emergency) and vests for skin diving that can inflate as necessary.

Approach the fish

It is also fun of skin diving to be able to approach the fish much more than scuba diving. Since it does not bubble like a scuba, it is silent in the water, and almost vibrates. This is the best reason why the fish does not run away. Let's take the beautiful pictures spreading around the coral with the Peael-spot chromis that will soon hide in Branch coral and others.

After the course?
After skin diver course, you can join any snorkeling tour for skin diver without snorkeling vest.

About ear clear

Skin diving is different from snorkeling, ear clear (pressure equilibrium) is necessary. When you have symptoms of the otolaryngology such as colds and hay fever, when you lose sleep, when you drink too much alcohol the day before, it is difficult to clear your ears. Please do not stay up late at night, take care of your physical condition and take a good sleep, making your alcohol of the day before participating in skin diving modest.

※ Skin diving is not a competition for depth, so it would be nice if you could enjoy the depth that matched yourself, but it makes you sad feeling that "I can not clear my ears from my breath to keep my ears away"! 

Course content

Table class

  • Think about water pressure
  • To judge the sea condition
  • To know about sea creatures 
  • Rule of skindiving
  • Adjust skindiving gear for yourself
  • Care of equipment
  • Preparation for practical skill

Practical class

  • Adjust and fitting of equipment
  • Entry
  • Adjust weight 
  • Snorkel breathing
  • How to use BCD
  • Fin kick
  • Head first dive
  • Snorkel clear (2 types)
  • Under water swimming
  • Weight desorption
  • Exit
  • Care of equipment
  • Simple rescue etc...


Let's go to skin dive

It is an option setting not directly related to the course, let's go skindiving with the instructor using the skill learned. If you have an underwater camera do not forget!


Rent the gear

if you will go to skin diving yourself, you can rent the gear. By presenting a skin diver certificate, you can receive gear rental service.

Summary of the course


Duration Whole year



Time required Standard hour3〜4h
  • Morning class    8:30-12:00
  • Afternoon class 13:30-16:30
  • Wear swimwear and other
  • Fill out documents 

※ For people who get seasickness easy, we recommend taking a sickness stop. And do not forget sunscreen

 Table class
  • Study at IMC
 Practical class
  • Beach at front of IMC store(it depends on sea condition to change.)
  • Take a shower and change clothes at IMC
  • PADI application document preparation
 Option:Let's go to skin dive
  • If you done morning class, you can join afternoon tour.
  • If you done afternoon class, you can join from tomorrow.

Course Price

Course price
  • 25,000yen(without tax)
Included in price
  • Skin diving course fee
  • PADI certification fee
  • Free rental gear(Mask、Snorkel、fins、boots、wet suit、weight)
  • Towel
Payment method
About cancellation

Please check with cancellation regulations.→Documents and cancellation provision


Participation condition

Participating age
  • Over 8 years old 
Health condition
  • Please participate in a healthy condition without injury or illness.
  • Participation in the condition of alcohol influence is prohibited.
Fill out the participation confirmation
 Please be sure to check the contents beforehand because you will sign the confirmation of skin diving at the reception→Documents and cancellation provision
About minors' participation
  • If elementary school students are to participate, please bring them with their parents.
  • For junior high school students and over, you can participate without parents by submitting the confirmation letter signed by the custodian.→ Documents and cancellation provision

Certification Policy

Certification policy 

In order to obtain PADI certification, it is necessary to clear the achievement condition stipulated by PADI. If you can not clear the achievement condition during the course period you will not be certified. The options when the achievement conditions can not be cleared are as follows.

  1. If you can adjust during the itinerary, please participate in additional training (charged)
  2. If you can not adjust during the itinerary, please participate in additional courses at the local diving school (charged)
  3. If possible, change to a level certification that can be approved low the achieved achievement condition (free)

People over 50 years old tend to take time. Please consider your itinerary.



 Meeting time
  • 8:30 am
  • 12:30 pm
  • course fee
  • swimwear
 Meeting place
  • Irabujima Marine Center