To get scuba diving license in Miyako-jima island

PADI Open Water Diver If you get Open water diver license, you can go new adventure more than Taiken (experience) diving.

To be scuba diver

Have you joined Taiken (ezperience) dive before? if you had, please reminds on that day how was it. Was your instructor always beside you? Why were they always by your side?


It was to help you as soon as something troubles happened to you. To obtain a license (officially PADI Open Water Diver certified) means that you can become your own diver. Therefore, divers who have licenses can safely explore a new area beyond the framework of experiential diving. Even if there is no instructor there.


Regarding notation of license: Although it should be written as "certified" correctly, it is written as "license" which is commonly used so as to make it easy for non-divers to understand.

Good point to take the course in IMC

You can improve while enjoying the course.

Irabujima Marine Center's instructors have more than 5 years of veteran teaching experience. Besides Miyako-jima island, I traveled the world's seas including Micronesia, Northern Mariana, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Florida, Australia and other as well as all over the country. So we are familiar with what kind of skill really is needed for divers. Of course I also know the pleasures of the world's ocean. If you become a diver at Irabujima Marine Center, there is nothing to worry wherever you are going abroad.

Complete everything you need

Everything is here that you need the ocean, rest room, shower, locker room and resting place. It is like villa that make you feel comfortable.

Gold card will arrive

You can see that a gold card has been issued and you have completed the course from an instructor belonging to 5Star Dive Resort who received PADI certification.

Accommodation facility

During the course you can use the accommodation at the center for 4,000 yen per night.

After the course..?

After certified let's go to fun dive! it will be more fun with underwater  camera

Course contents

Table class

1, Home study

You will acquire necessary knowledge beforehand with home study (PADI digital teaching material) using the Internet or tablet.

If you are a digital teaching material, you can learn not only at your own pace but also the department test before Miyakojima trip, which also saves the class time on Miyako-jima island.

Pratical class

2, Confined water dives(basic scuba skills)

Confined water dives means in a pool or water with pool-like conditions under direct instructor supervision. As you learn new skills, you’ll build the abilities and confidence needed for diving in open water, such as in a lake or the ocean. There are many good places at confined water dives in Irabu-jima, Shimoji-jima island and front of IMC.

3, Open water dives(use your skills and explore )

In open water dives practice I try to go to explore use your skills that learned by confined water dives.  Open water dives practice not only becomes a review of confined water dives practice, also you can learn how to plan and enjoy diving plan.

After open water dives are over, it will be certified as a diver.


Let's go to fun diving

If you have time while you are traveling, let you join fun dives. Fun dive means explore diving. to join fun (explore) dives, it will be good your skill review.


Rent the gear and let's go to dive!

You can already enjoy diving with buddy as an approved diver. If you want to go out exploring by yourself, there is also gear rental. By presenting an open water diver certificate card, you can receive equipment rental service

Course Matome


Duration Whole year



Duration 2.5-3 days 
  • Day 1 Afternoon
  • Day 2 All day
  • Day 3 All day
Day 1 13:30-17:00
  • Meeting
  • Fill out documents
  • Introduction
  • Confined water dives 1
 Day 2 8:00-17:00
  • Confined water dives 2
  • Confined water dives 3
  • Open water dives 1
  • Open water dives 2
 Day 3 8:00-17:00
  • Confined water dives 4
  • Confined water dives 5
  • Open water dives 3
  • Open water dives 4
  • Application procedure
  • Finish

Course price

Course price
  • course fee:55,000yen(without tax)
  • PADI teaching materials:$202( PADI site
Included in price
  • Open Water Diver course fee
  • Free rental gear
  • Towel
  •  PADI teaching materials included in application card fee
Method of payment
About cancellation r
Please check with cancellation regulations.→Documents and cancellation provision


Participation condition

participating age
  • 10 years old and over
Health condition
  • Please participate in a healthy condition without injury or illness.
  • Participation in the condition of alcohol influence is prohibited.
Fill out the participation confirmation
 Please be sure to check the contents beforehand because you will sign the confirmation of skin diving at the reception→Documents and cancellation provision
About minors' participation
  • If elementary school students are to participate, please bring them with their parents.
  • For junior high school students and over, you can participate without parents by submitting the confirmation letter signed by the custodian.→Documents and cancelation provision

Certification policy

Certification policy

In order to obtain PADI certification, it is necessary to clear the achievement condition stipulated by PADI. If you can not clear the achievement condition during the course finish you will not be certified. The options when the achievement conditions can not be cleared are as follows.

  1. If you can adjust during the itinerary, participate in additional training (charged)
  2. If you can not adjust during the itinerary, participate in additional courses at the local diving school (charged)
  3. If possible, change to a level certification that can be approved low the achieved achievement condition (free)

Those who are 50 and older have a long tendency to take time, so please consider traveling schedule with a margin.



 Meeting time
  • Day 1  1:30 pm
  • Day 2 8:00 am
  • Day 3 8:00 am
  • Course fee
  • swimwear
 Meeting place
  • Irabujima Marine Center