Rebreather Diver Course

Poseidon Rebreathers
The Irabujima Marine Center conducts education, sales, maintenance, diving tours of rebreather (Closed Circuit Rebreather) made by Poseidon.

People take about 4% of the oxygen in the air into the body with a breath. And 96% of the air is actually spilled without being used.Although this is a story about land, most of the air that the diver sucked similarly in the water is spilled out as bubbles. A rebreather is a device that removes carbon dioxide from exhalation, adds the necessary oxygen, and reuses it as inspiratory gas. It is a device with very high gas efficiency that hardly emits gas.

Long breathable time

Poseidon rebreather is guaranteed for 3 hours breathing time even under severe conditions such as water depth 40 m, water temperature 4℃. respiratory rate 40 L / min per minute.


Long breath time is advantageous not only for observation, photography, work, research, but also contributes greatly to safety. Most problems can be solved in the water if you can breathe.

Fish doesn't run away

Many divers will not notice how big the bubbles that you spit out and the banging sound (vibration) are threatening the sea creature.


But if you are a scuba diver enjoying skin diving, you may notice it. When you diving by skin diving, you can approach surprisingly fish. Skin diver does not blow out bubbles.


It's same as rebrether divers. They can approach slowly and slowly to se creature.

Hard to be chilled body

The open circuit scuba device has air dry and throat becomes thirsty. This is because the cylinder is filled with dry air. Dry air will take away a lot of moisture and heat (heat of vaporization) from the lungs.


The coldness of the scuba diver is mostly caused by the loss of body heat from the lungs, but this phenomenon is irrelevant to them because the humidity of inspiratory gas is almost 100%.

The strongest Nitrox machine

It is a little technical story. Nitrox is a convenient gas, but there is a dilemma. Deepening the nitrox gas that is advantageous for reduced pressure increases the risk of oxygen poisoning and increases the risk of decompression when deepening with nitrox gas, which is advantageous for oxygen poisoning.


If you want both to be favorable you need to dive with several kinds of gas. It is technical diver. However, since the machine automatically mixes air and oxygen in the water, Poseidon rebreather always generates the optimum nitrox at that depth. For example, EANx 24 at a water depth of 40 m, EAN x 60 at a water depth of 10 m, and so on.

Taiken (experience) rebreather diving

Let's experience rebreather! You can enjoy with your instructor together as long as there is gas(whole day).

Experience dive program (whole ).


  • 58,000 yen (without tax)
  • Instructor charter 
  • Boat charter
  • 2 people only
  • Advanced open water certification 

To be rebreather diver

PADI Rebreathe Diver Course (no decompression dive)

  • 190,000 yen(without tax)
  • 4 days (Table class+Equipment laboratory+6 dives)
  • 2 people only
  • PADI Open water diver certification + EANx SP certification
  • Over 25 dives log

PADI Tec 40 CCR Course (Decompression dive)

  • 300,000 yen (without tax)
  • 5 days (Table class+Equipment laboratory+8 dives)
  • 2 people only 
  • PADI Rescue diver + EANx SP + Deep SP certification
  • Over 50 dives

purchase the rebreather

If you purchase Poseidon Rebreather, please contact Japan Poseidon Service Center. We will support all of Poseidon from after-care on handling to overhaul as well as training.

Purchase benefits

You can join the Tec CCR course by mr,Matyin Robson. The Irabujima Marine Center invites Mr. Martin to Japan as a Poseidon service center in Japan and holds a technical course.

  • PADI Tec CCR Course
  • PADI Tec CCR Instructor Course