Irabu-jima Marine Center

【Closed:Irregular, depend on reservations 】 【Open time:8:30 am-5:30 pm  If all staffs go out, it will be temporary closed】

The Irabujima Marine Center (IMC) was built in 2017 as the another store in Irabu island of Loco Divers with 25 years history in Nagoya. The  IMC store's theme are "Facilities that are easy to use for travelers' divers, leisurely relaxing facilities". As we used to travel to Miyakojima before, we imagined various facilities that were easy to use as divers. If you can enter soon in the beautiful sea of ​​Irabu island, shower and locker rooms are in place and there is a comfortable rest space. We think that this part was realized at Irabujima Marine Center. Through the use of the center, I would like to enjoy the seas of Irabu, Shimoji and Miyako island.

Introduce of IMC facility

Just 2 mins to the ocean by walk

IMC to the ocean are just 2mints away. You can set up and walk to the sea, we can carry your equipment by the car, it's up to you. The special good point is you can enjoy and into the sea whenever you want.

Dive shop

The right side of this building is dive shop. You can do check in, rent any equipments and join the exciting tour!

Locker and shower room

The photo is for women's locker rooms. Many female designers' opinions, women's locker rooms are fully equipped with air conditioning.

Outside shower

You can take a shower while feeling good windy and seeing blue sky. After swimming shower makes you feel good. It has hot water too.

A wellehole style resting room

It's the best of resting room called "garage" by staff. It's the most popular space in IMC by customers and staff, good for writing Log and just relax.

Guest room

There are 2 guest rooms, you can enjoy like a villa.

IMC staff

Nobuyuki Higashiura

Hello. I am Sampei, Irabujima marine center representative 's master.

After becoming a diving instructor in 1989, I went into various seas of abroad and Japan among them, Miyakojima is fun. I think Miyakojima is particularly beautiful in Okinawa. When I went to the sea with 17 end for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery and pleasantness that was too far away. At that time I decided to move to the island. Everyone, let 's have a sea of ​​Irabe.

Representative of Dive Staff Co., Ltd. I graduated from the University of the Ryukyu. I started scuba diving when I was college student. I established a diving school "Loco Divers" after working for 6 years as a junior high school teacher in Aichi prefecture. Miho Marine Academy, Aichi Shukutoku University, Nagoya YMCA, Trident also instructed scuba diving as a lecturer. Chubu Television Diving team members. From 2011, I also handles domestic sales, maintenance and education of POSEIDON rebreather.


I am responsible for guidance and safety management of rebreather diving in the Japanese movie 'S saigo no keikan'. Director of diving survey by rebreather at MEXT project

  • PADI Course Director
  • PADI Tech Deep Instructor Trainer
  • POSEIDON Rebreather Instructor Trainer
  • POSEIDON Certified Engineer
  • High pressure gas production safety supervisor
  • High Pressure Gas Type 1 Sales Chief
  • A submarine

Makiko Hayashi

I am Hayashi.

I worked at Loco Divers in Nagoya before, I moved to Irabujima.

Everyone is told me that I would like to love the sea because I'm from Gifu Prefecture has only mountains. But it was not only that reasons, My father often take me to the sea since I was a child. My father want me to take some Turban shell without a mask and fins. I think that I like the ocean from that time.  I would like to introduce my favorite sea to everyone. Thank you.

by Hayashi

Before become an instructor, She worked as a nurse in a surgical ward for 9 years. It is an instructor who acts with tranquility and always keeps the IMC bright and healthy. Higashiura is called "Macro Detector". When asked, "Why can you find such a small one?", She said "Just feeling their gaze".

by Sampei

  • PADI Instructor
  • High pressure gas production safety supervisor
  • High Pressure Gas Type 1 Sales Chief
  • A submarine
  • Nurse

Kyoka Tanaka

Hello, I am Kyoka. .

I wanted to work in an aquarium before I started to do scuba diving, when I was high school I had the chance to go to the internship at the Loco Divers. it was lucky to me because I wanted to work that involved the ocean.  On the last day of the internship, Mr.Smpei (President) said to me "Why do not you try out diving experience?", he was taken to me to under the water, it was new world to me. I did not know under the water was so beautiful just because I was looking at the sea from the land. The ocean it was not the ratio of the aquarium. It was amazing.

Then I decided to be an instructor. I went to 2years college to study English. I am in charge of customers in English speaking countries.

by Kyoka

She is doing her best at IMC while serving as the manager of Loco Divers. When I said ti her "if you can not speak English, I will not recruit you at Loco Divers", so after graduating from high school, she went to 2 years college for studying English. Also she studied scuba diving eagerly, she got a dive master qualification in high school, entered the university and acquired instructor qualification. She helped Loco Divers since she was student  and is an instructor who will brighten up Loco Divers and IMC together with Hayashi instructor.

     by  Sampei

  • PADI Instructor
  • Small vessel maneuvering license
  • A submarine