Documents and Cancellation

Documents Please confirm, before you booking any tours.

PADI program and PADI course documents for participants

It is a document you fill in on the day of the tour participation.

Please be sure to check the contacts before booking

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation within 1 week ....  20% of the participation fee
  • Cancellation the day before .... 50% of the participation fee
  • Cancellation on the day ......... 100% of the participation fee
  • Not participating ................... 100% of the participation fee

※ There are no refunds or reductions when you can not participate in the activity on the day due to seasickness, poor physical condition, etc. Please take care your physical condition.

※ Please note that refunds and reductions can not be made when the destination changes to a substitute site due to the sea condition.


Cancel program over multiple days

For programs / courses over more than one day like a licensed course, there is no refund due to cancellation after the program / course starts. If there is a day that you can not participate due to poor physical condition etc., you can extend the program / course period by paying additional fee. However, only if the instructor in charge can adjust the schedule.

Various insurance

The Irabujima Marine Center has not only the reliability which is approved as PADI 5Star but also various insurance for emergency.

Instructor Liability Insurance

It is an insurance that is applied when the customer is injured due to the negligence of the instructor.

Facility owner supervisor liability insurance

It is an insurance that is applied when a customer is injured due to facility defects or administrative mistakes.

Trustee product liability insurance

It is insurance applicable when you give damage such as theft, breakage, contamination etc. due to mistake of management of the customer's diving equipment etc.

Product liability insurance

It is an insurance applicable to responsibility that occurred outside the equipment when the customer was injured due to defect or repair of equipment sold, repaired or adjusted by shop front or rental tool.

Controlled accident insurance

Even if there is no accident in the instructor, it is the insurance applicable when the customer is injured.