Shimoji-jima Airport 17end

Tropical Island

The place surrounded by coral reefs across Irabujima and Shimojijima is a shallow and calm ocean. In this sea, guide lights protruding from the underpass airport line up, creating a unique landscape. There are many big sea turtles.

How to enjoy the sea at 17end

Almost every customers said "omg, What a beautiful!" when they come into the reef from dark blue outside sea.

Let me tell you how to enjoy the coral reef at 17end.

Scenery with 17 end

There is a strange landscape that the guidance light of RW 17 which is said to be "the most beautiful jetty in Japan" is protruding on a beautiful coral reef. For airplanes that take off and take off from time to time, you also become part of the landscape.

Calm wind and overflowing sun

Spring, summer and autumn has more calm days, so it will be easier to go to 17end. Stopping the ship near the reef and to blown by breeze make you happy. Enjoy snorkeling, when you got cold the sun make you warm.

You can have the beautiful see all to yourself

The diver does not come to the shallow sea of ​​the 17end. This sea is far away from the main port of Miyakojima and few visitors come because here's beauty still isn't famous. Let's have excellent corals and clear sea all to yourself !

All white sand and coral

When you are snorkeling you may notice that your shadow is on the bottom of the water. All the sea bottom is covered with sand made from coral. The vicinity of RW 17 is a white sandy land, and coral increases gradually toward the offshore reef.

What is 17end?

The 17end means the northern end of the Shimojijima Airport Runway. Shimojijima Airport opened in 1979 for pilot training. The length of the runway is 3000 m and it is longer than 2000 m of Miyakojima Airport, making it possible to take off and landing large aircraft. This runway extends almost north-south, and when the airplane enters the airport from the north side, its orientation is 170 degrees (south south 180 degrees) so it seems to call runway 17 as Run Way 17.The northern end of this runway is made by reclaiming a part of coral reef spreading to the northern part of Shimochijima, and the orange-colored induction light as shown in the photograph is characterized by long protrusion to coral reef. It seems that an induction lamp based on a beautiful coral reef gradation is called Japan's "most beautiful jetty".

This is 17end